The working stability of solar street lights

The stability of solar street lights has gradually strengthened the awareness of environmental protection as the society continues to advocate environmental protection, low-carbon, and energy-saving. Moreover, solar energy has also become common, and solar energy is used as an endless safe and environmentally friendly new energy source.


Solar energy has also made a great contribution to street lights, so solar street lights have gradually gained the current mayor/market position. To popularize solar roads, etc., it is necessary to understand the characteristics of solar street lights.


China farolas solares

1. Suddenly not extinguished: solar roads, etc. absorb the solar energy of the sun as energy, and charge the battery after the sun comes out. When the environment is dark to a certain extent, the battery will provide electricity for operation in the street lighting operation, so the lights will not be turned off suddenly. The solar circuit, etc. use DC power.


2. LED light source quality: LED lights are usually used as the light source of solar street lights. LED lights have a long lighting life (possibly as long as 50,000 hours) and will not emit too much heat when used, which greatly extends the life of the light source.


3. It can be used normally even in continuous rainy days. Solar roads, etc. use solar power to generate electricity, so they can be normally illuminated even on days without sunlight.



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