300W portable power supply for outdoor and indoor

Model: PS-300B

300W portable power supply for outdoor and indoor

1: 220v/50hz or 110v/60hz   

2: Rated power 300W,maximum 330W with protection   

3: AC pure sine wave with UPS inverter integration

4: DC12V/5A             

5: USB 5V/3A*2=6A         

6: Vehicle charging: 12v/5A solar charging: 18v/100W

7. Accessories: AC Charging Cable

Vehicle Charging Cable

Solar Charging Cable

portable power supply

When we go camping, we are afraid that the equipment will be out of power, inconvenient and insecure. We don't even have the opportunity to call for help in an emergency.

At this time, someone will say, isn’t it enough to bring a power bank? But the power bank is enough to fill the mobile phone three times at most. If you bring a drone, laptop, car refrigerator, rice cooker and other electronic products to camp, the power bank’s electricity is not enough, and it will not be used at all. Moreover, the quality of the current power banks on the market is uneven. The output current of poor quality power banks may be unstable, which will cause a certain degree of damage to the batteries of digital products. A few times have little effect, and frequent times may cause irreversible damage. Consequences.

300w portable generator

Therefore, a large-capacity portable outdoor power supply is necessary for outdoor travel. BYS has rich outdoor power interfaces, with 2 AC interfaces and 4 USB interface outputs, which is convenient for everyone to use in different scenarios and has more options. It comes with a smart digital display, and the power display, output function, temperature alarm and other functions are clear at a glance, even the product novice can fully understand. The independent overcurrent, overtemperature, overdischarge, short circuit and other multiple protection functions of the battery pack can not only perform dynamic detection and charge and discharge management in real time, but also ensure the safety and stability of the entire battery pack.

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