Introduction of Ordinary Garden Lights and Solar Garden Lights

Garden lights are a kind of outdoor lighting fixtures, usually referring to outdoor road lighting fixtures below 6 meters. Because of their diversity, aesthetics, beautification and decoration of the environment, garden lights are also called landscape garden lights. Solar Garden Lights mainly use solar panels to receive light to achieve photoelectric conversion, convert solar energy into electrical energy, generate direct current, and then charge the battery through the controller, and the battery stores electrical energy.

At night, under the control of the photoresistor, the battery is automatically discharged through the controller, the circuit is automatically turned on, and the battery is powered to light the bulb and start working, without manual management. Ordinary courtyard lights and solar courtyard lights application places: the outdoor lighting of urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares and other public places can extend the time of people’s outdoor activities and improve the safety of property.
Comparison of ordinary garden lights and Solar Garden Lights:

all in one solar street lights
all in one solar street lights

1. Ordinary courtyard lights

① Cables need to be laid, and huge engineering costs such as excavation of cable trenches, laying of concealed pipes, threading in the pipes, and backfilling are required.

②There are hidden dangers of tranquility, which are caused by aging materials, abnormal power supply, and water and electricity pipelines. In addition, the longer the service life, the faster the pipeline ages.

③The average service life of the utility courtyard lamp is about 10,000 hours. Its total investment will be higher than that of Solar Garden Lights.

④The larger the scope, the higher the related costs of repairing the utility garden lights.

2. Solar Garden Lights

①Consolidate with stainless steel screws, no need to lay complicated lines, only a cement base

②The repair is simple. There is no benefit cost, solar street lights are a one-time seat, long-term benefits.

③The electricity fee is free, and the investment cost is recovered in 1-3 years. Solar lights are ultra-low voltage products, which are stable and stable in operation.

④There is no hidden danger of tranquility.

⑤An important component of Solar Garden Lights-the application life of solar panels is 25 years; the average life of super bright LEDs is greater than 50,000 hours.

⑥Environmental protection; it can continue to reduce the cost of property management and reduce the cost of sharing shares among the owners.

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