What is the difference between solar lights and ordinary led lights

1. The components are different. Solar street lights are composed of solar panels, solar panel brackets, lamp holders, light sources, Solar street lamp controllers, batteries, lamp poles and ground cages; ordinary LED lights are composed of lamp holders, light sources, controllers, lamp poles, Consists of external cables and ground cages.

 2. The energy supply is different. The main energy supply of solar street lights comes from the electric energy converted by sunlight during the day, while the different LED lights mainly rely on external mains power.

solar street lights
solar street lights

  3. The current and voltage are different. The DC power used by solar street lights is only 12V or 24V, which does not cause any harm to people. Ordinary LED lights use AC power with voltages of 220V and 380V, which are very harmful to people, especially when spontaneous combustion occurs. Disasters or long periods of non-maintenance may cause leakage.

  4. The installation method is different. The installation of solar street lights is simple. Like lithium battery solar street lights, you only need to dig a foundation pit, and then assemble the last vertical pole on site; while the installation method of ordinary LED lights is very complicated, in addition to the foundation pit, it is necessary to dig a cable trough. , Backfilling, assembling lights, layout systems, etc.

 5. The control methods are different. Each Solar street lamp is a separate system, and all components are in or on the lamp pole; ordinary LED lamps need several lamps to establish a control room, and there is a control room for unified control.

  6. Repairs and maintenance are different. If the solar street light is damaged, repair the other, and the rest will not be affected. Routine maintenance is not required; if an ordinary led light is damaged, in addition to checking the damage, it is necessary to check the entire circuit and the control room for more repairs. It is complicated and requires regular maintenance to avoid leakage accidents.

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