What are the types of solar street lights

There are many kinds of solar street lights. Outdoors, different scenes need to be matched with different lamps. When communicating with the merchant about the desired lamp, they always give a lengthy explanation because they don’t know the name and function of the lamp. “What I want is a lamp that can do what they can.” But if you know something about these lights, it’s much simpler. Just explain what kind of lamp you want.


1. Classic solar street light

How to choose the lamps for solar street lights, and how to avoid being shaped and buying inappropriate lamps? “Guide to Seven Commonly Used Outdoor Solar Lamps” tells you. Split solar street lights have no special lighting occasions. It is the most common and widely used. Regardless of the installation environment, it can meet any different configuration requirements. In places with long rainy days, the configuration requirements are high, and the battery panel area and capacity are larger. The configuration requirements in places with good lighting conditions are lower, and the battery panel area and capacity are smaller.

solar street lights projects
solar street lights projects


High-configuration solar street lights can be divided into lithium battery solar street lights, lead-acid battery solar street lights and gel battery solar street lights. The first battery is hung on the lamp pole, lamp holder or panel bracket, and the latter two can only be buried underground. Lithium batteries are better than batteries in terms of performance, transportation and installation. Generally speaking, lithium battery solar street lights are the first choice. If the budget is insufficient or the installation environment temperature is too low, you can choose the other two solar street lights, because the battery is buried deep and can maintain a certain temperature to ensure normal operation at low temperatures.


Split solar street light

Each part of the split solar street light can be stored independently and can be matched arbitrarily according to the needs. It has strong adaptability and various shapes, and can be quickly integrated into the environment no matter where it is installed.


Solar street light box

2. Integrated solar street light

Compared with split solar street lights, what is integration? The combination of light source, battery and solar panel is called integration.

Structure diagram of integrated solar street light

The single lamp holder of the integrated solar street light includes a solar panel, a lithium battery, a controller and a light source. It is easy to install and has a simple and generous appearance. It does not require complicated assembly, wiring and wiring, and can work with lamp poles and lamp caps, and there is no need to worry about the polarity.

This design not only saves energy storage, but also enhances the endurance of street lights, and also highlights the concept of smart street lights.

High-end atmosphere of integrated solar street lights. However, because the size of the battery panel and the configuration of the lithium battery are limited by the size of the lamp holder, it is more suitable for use in areas with lower configuration requirements.

The range of separate and integrated solar street lights is very wide. Other types of solar lights can also be divided into these two types according to the installation method and internal structure.

3. Wind and solar complementary street lights

Wind energy and solar energy are clean energy sources. In areas where solar power is insufficient, street lights can use wind energy to assist their work, so wind and solar complementary street lights came into being.

4. Complementary wind and solar street lights

Complementary wind and solar street lights can provide continuous power supply for street lights, without worrying about short sunlight and long working hours. Compared with ordinary solar street lights, the only difference is that there are no poles and lamp caps. It can be installed on lamp poles, lamp holders and trees, and can save the purchase of lamp poles and lamp holders.

Solar wall lights are suitable for roof terraces, garden gates, courtyards, balconies and corridors. The wall lamp is partially landscape style, beautiful in appearance, and can be matched according to the characteristics of the building to create a good atmosphere space.

5. solar wall light

The wall lamp does not occupy space, is convenient to install, and is low in price, and can be used by ordinary people.

6. Solar Garden Lights

Solar courtyard lights are specially designed for courtyards and are full of artistic characteristics. There are elegant retro, simple fashion, noble and luxurious. Today, with diversified architectural styles, the choice of courtyard lights should also pay attention to scientific matching.

7. solar lawn lights

The last solar lawn light. The lawn lamp has the characteristics of small size and strong decoration. It is generally used for park paths, courtyards, swimming pools and square green spaces. It perfectly shows the posture of the flowers and plants at night, and achieves the artistic effect of unique environment, rich layers, rich atmosphere, and colorful colors.

8. Solar lawn light

The height of the lawn lamp is generally not more than 1 meter.

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