200w separate solar street lights

Model: S01-200W
Power: 80W-200W
IP 65

2 years warranty



200w high brightness solar street lights



Timing remote control + light control

solar panel: 30W

solar panel size: 600*350*17

battery: 30AH (32650 lithium iron phosphate battery)

lamp beads: 2835 LED beads

lamp size: 495*210*30MM



CTN size: 61*41*17CM

G.W.: 6.3KG

Accessories: lamp arm (three-piece set), timing remote control, expansion screw



It is widely used in new rural roads, urban arterial roads or slow lane, branch roads, and road lighting in public places such as scenic spots, parking lots, parks, squares and other public places.


  • Modular pluggable technology, tool-free on-site maintenance;
  • Control system, through lighting to achieve on-demand lighting, while reducing the entire lamp power consumption, energy saving. Dimming can also reduce the overall heating lamps, effectively extending the life of the entire lamp, reducing light failure;
  • Design the appearance of high-end, fashion, atmosphere. The whole lamp is made of high-pressure cast aluminum, impact-resistant, pure polyester electrostatic spray coating, corrosion-resistant;

  • Bat wing + polarized lens: Specially tailored patented lens, a substantial improvement in lighting effects, illumination uniformity better;
  • Simple assembly, easy maintenance: standard modular installation, versatility, easy maintenance.

Battery and solar panel details:

  • Solar street lamp system uses a new lithium battery

  • Life: 5-8 years
  • Terminal with lead-tin terminal or female terminal
  • Working environment temperature -40℃–+65℃
  • Heat capacity, heat dissipation ability;
  • To meet the continuous 7 days of rainy days lighting needs.
  • Solar Cell: Monocrystalline silicon solar cell with conversion efficiency of> 19%, excellent low light response, meeting IEC61215 and Class II of Electrical Protection with a design life of more than 20 years.

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