20w solar power station

Model: XXT-20
Advantages of solar power system
1. Solar power supply, as long as there is sunlight, there will be no electricity
2. The solar power system has the function of storing electricity, and it can continue to supply electricity even in rainy days
3. With AC and DC output, it can power mobile phones, computers, TVs, microwave ovens and other electronic products and household appliances
4. Suitable for home and outdoor use
5. Light weight, easy to carry and move



20w solar lighting system portable solar power station for home and camping

3*DC Outputs
2*USB Outputs
1*DC 12V Solar input (Maximum of 50W solar panel)
Size: 4.72*4.13*8.46inch
Net Weight: 2.87lb


solar   panel Polysilicon solar panel20W18V,size: 450*350*17MM
LED bulb12V3W*2   sets
cableLED   bulb cable 5m,solar panelcable 5m
materialmetal   shell,solar panel: Tempered glass and aluminum alloy frame
chargingsolar   charging
charging time≥8h
discharging timesing   set of LED bulb lighting≥32   hours, 2 setsof LED bulb lighting 16h
DC output12V/5A*3pcs,   USB 5V/1.5A*2pcs
IPsolar   panel IP65, other components are not waterproof
battery capacityLithium   battery 12V8000mAh
generator size215mm*120mm*105mm
CTN packageHost   packaging: :250*170*200mm    Outer   packing: 505*200*440mm (4pcs/CTN)
solar panel package: 470*365*30mm  Outer packing: 490*320*380mm(10pcs/CTN)

What Includes
1* Portable Solar Power Station
1*18V 20W Flexible Solar Panel
Solar Panel Size: 16.54×13.78×0.71inches
2*3W LED bulbs

The solar generator is a portable receiver designed for both daily use and emergency preparedness applications. As an emergency preparedness tool, it offers different methods to power up including an AC/DC adapter, a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged by the optional AC adapter, or a USB power source, and the adjustable solar panel provides power. Keep your ordinary electricity need in the hurricane, snowstorm time, Combine the charging and lighting, with anti-reflective and high-transparency. This is a completely independent off-grid power system.

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