The Advantage of Solar Street Lights

In this era of rapid technological development, many old street lights are now replaced with solar street lights. First of all, in terms of appearance, the appearance of solar street lights is more beautiful. The most important thing is to use solar street lights, which can save a large amount of electricity bills every year in the future. Therefore, the use of this energy-saving product is a one-time investment, but the gain is very large. Of course, solar street lights are not only used in the main and secondary roads of the city, but there are also more types of products, which can be widely used in more occasions.

Moreover, the integrated solar street light has the following advantages.

solar bollard lights
solar bollard lights

Advantage 1: Environmental protection

Compared with traditional street lights, solar street lights mainly rely on the sunlight in daylight to convert into electricity, and the electricity is released at night for lighting applications. No other power is required. Solar energy is recognized as the most environmentally friendly power in the world, so in terms of pollution, the pollution index of solar street lights It is almost zero, and the only contaminated battery is the battery. However, under normal circumstances, the probability that the battery will pollute the environment is very low, and it will be recycled when it is not used.

Advantage 2: Safety

City circuit lights usually use 220V or 380V voltage for power supply and lighting. If the city circuit lights are damaged or malfunctions, they will leak and cause the danger of fire. The solar street light uses 12V-24V low-voltage power supply, stable voltage, reliable operation, and there will be no safety hazards.

Advantage 3: Energy saving

The power supply of solar street lights is sunlight. Solar energy is an inexhaustible power for us human beings. Usually, because of the AC power used by city circuit lights, it consumes a lot of vitality to provide lighting at night.

Advantage 4: Less investment

solar street lights
solar street lights

From today’s point of view, if the quotation of the purchase of city circuit lights is far lower than that of solar street lights, the second or third investment of the city power will be very large, such as control boxes, cables, engineering, operating electricity costs, protection, etc., and solar street lights once Sexual contribution, no other expenses.

Advantage 5: Easy to install

The installation amount of solar street lights is extremely low, there is no need to ditch and bury cables, and there is no need to build power stations around it. Just install a cement base and fix it with stainless steel. Even the integrated solar street lights can be installed on existing telegraph poles or walls. The installation process will not exceed 10 minutes, and more than 50 can be installed a day.

Advantage 6: Wide application range

Solar street lights are almost free from geographical constraints when installed. Regardless of mountainous areas, grasslands, and suburbs, solar street lights can be installed wherever there is sunshine. They are especially suitable for oasis scene lighting equipment, high-end residential and outdoor lighting, tourist attractions and coastal scene lighting and decoration. Industrial development zones, industrial and mining enterprise street lights, and outdoor lighting of universities and colleges.

In the future, more and more countries will use solar street lights, if you also need solar street lights, please contact us.

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