What is a DOB flood light

What is a DOB flood light?

With the increasing demand for LED lighting and the diversified development of LED applications, the king of cost-effective DOB floodlights (linear floodlights) have been launched on the market. This type of light is the first choice of major traders, importers, and engineering companies. product.

So all my friends must be wondering what is DOB?

“DOB” is the abbreviation of “Driver on board” in English, which means that the power supply is on the board. The so-called DOB means AC high-voltage light source power supply. It means integration. The so-called “de-powered” in the market is a false proposition and is not accurate.

The DOB lighting driving method is a new LED driving mode, which directly rectifies the AC mains into DC and then controls the LED current through the IC, so that the LED is driven by a constant current output within a certain range to drive the LED lamp beads to emit light.

DOB flood light (linear flood light) material description:

1. The lamp body is formed by die-casting aluminum, with a wattle + spiral heat dissipation design, which can efficiently dissipate heat and ensure the service life of the lamp;

2. The surface of the lamp body is treated with outdoor powder, and the appearance is beautiful and generous;

3. Using nano reflector, the reflection efficiency is as high as 90% or more;

4. The use of high-strength tempered glass has strong compressive performance, high light transmittance and uniform light;

5. 360° adjustable angle mounting bracket, easy to use and firm;

6. The exposed fixing parts are made of stainless steel to ensure outdoor use and durability;

LED outdoor lights
LED outdoor lights

LED lamp beads:

1. The lamp bead adopts high-brightness 3030 lamp bead, high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption;

2. Lamp bead luminous efficiency: 160lm/w (the whole light efficiency can reach up to 125lm/w), and the color rendering index Ra>75;

3. Color temperature value: 3000-6500K;

DOB flood light (linear flood light) application places:

Stadium square lighting, overpass lighting, architectural building lighting, garden landscape, tunnel lighting, outdoor lighting, etc.;

Advantages of DOB flood light (linear flood light):

1) It can be made ultra-light and ultra-thin, and the product is beautiful and saves transportation costs;

2) It is easy to produce and can be fully patched, saving labor costs;

3) Low defect rate of fully machined patch products;

4) Since the IC chip and the LED are on the same aluminum substrate, the chip has an over-temperature protection point, which will be protected when the temperature is too high, effectively extending the service life of the LED;

5) No electrolytic capacitor is needed, stable function, low cost and long life;

6) With high power factor, it can achieve real energy saving and power saving in practical application;

7) Turn on the light instantly, no need to wait, faster than traditional LED

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