Introduction of solar home power generation system

Now the small solar power generation system has entered thousands of households, and the support of national policies has made its application more extensive and popular. Some people have seen that, don’t you just need to connect the power to the solar panel and battery, and don’t drop the inverter. In fact, the solar home power generation system is really simple and convenient to use. 

But how much do you know about some of its features and advantages?

   (1) Direct plug-in components are used for solar home power generation devices to adapt to low temperature areas, greatly reducing the amount of after-sales service and saving maintenance costs.

  (2) The solar panel uses polysilicon, the life span can be as long as 15-20 years,

  (3) Light source: There are energy-saving lamps, 12V, 5W/7W optional, and the length of each lamp is 10 meters, which is convenient for different customer needs. There are also 12V3W LED lights available. (Prices are different)

  (4) The controller shell is made of 1.2mm steel plate, and is treated with high temperature after baking or spraying, which is strong and durable.

portable solar power station
portable solar power station

  (5) The system has a USB interface output, and the output voltage is 5V. The current limit is within 800 mA, which is suitable for most mobile phone charging requirements and has an overload protection function. If the USB interface output exceeds 1 ampere, the interface output will be cut off immediately.

  (6) The solar home power generation system can also be equipped with 12V DC fans according to customer requirements, which can provide convenience for reading and newspapers on hot days, and for children to enjoy the cool. Convenient for customers to use.

  (7) This solar home power generation system is not designed to use a deep cycle of electricity, which has a good protective effect on the service life of the battery.

(8) When the battery of this system is fully charged, a 7-watt energy-saving lamp can be continuously discharged for up to 30 hours, two lamps can be used continuously for 14 hours, and three lamps can be used continuously for 8 hours. If LED lighting is used, the time Can be more than doubled.

  (9) Direct current, low voltage, safe, reliable, no radiation, more suitable for families with children.

  (10) Aviation connectors are used for solar panel wiring and controller interface, light wiring and controller interface. Good contact, strong and durable, beautiful and generous.

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