Will solar street lights be affected by winter?

Solar street lights are not affected by the normal conditions in winter, and may be affected if it encounters a heavy snow day that freezes for several days.

Especially in some countries and regions, it snows heavily in winter, and the solar panels are covered by a thick layer of snow, which will affect the solar panels to absorb sunlight and affect the power conversion of solar street lights, and even in extremely cold weather, the battery activity It will be weakened accordingly. Except for extreme weather in some countries and regions, extreme weather in other regions is rare, so solar roads and other areas are almost unaffected in winter. In its working principle, solar street lights use solar energy as a light source, and solar panels charge the battery during the day.

solar flood lights
solar flood lights

At night, when lighting is needed, the battery starts to provide power for the lights. When encountering light snow or sleet weather, the solar road works normally, so ignore it at all. If you encounter extreme snow weather, you can slightly clear the snow on the solar panels and cover the solar panels to prevent the formation of shadow areas and prevent the solar panels from becoming uneven.

1: In the winter, the battery is buried too shallowly. In the cold winter, the battery will be “frostbited” by freezing, resulting in insufficient discharge. Usually in cold areas, the battery should be buried to a depth of at least 1 meter, with 20 cm of sand on the bottom to facilitate the accumulation of water Dissipate, so as to extend the life of the battery.

2: The solar panels have not been cleaned for a long time, and there is too much dust, which affects power generation. In some places, it is because of frequent snow and snow covering the solar panels.

3: The street lamp reaches a certain service life. If the battery has the number of charge and discharge times, the power will gradually decrease with the increase of the number of use. Therefore, the lighting time of the Solar street lamp will gradually decrease after using it for more than 3 years, which is a normal phenomenon.



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